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Removing a tree from your property can be a challenging task, especially if buildings, power lines, or other structures have to be taken into account. Removing any larger tree is not a job for the inexperienced, especially if power lines or any tie-offs or cabling has been done to the tree.  Large and overhanging branches provide particular danger when removed around structures. We are training, licensed, and insured and pride ourselves in providing quick, quality service to take care of your tree removal needs. Our experienced tree technicians will assess the situation and determine the safest method for removing your tree, whether a direct drop or scaling the tree and carefully using equipment to remove branches one by one, then sectioning the trunk for increased safety. The Albuquerque Tree Guy knows what it takes to safely take down a large tree, even if close to your home or fence, or between buildings. Safety is always our #1 concern both for your property and our crew.

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A lot of times when you need a tree removed, it is not when it is convenient. Albuquerque has both strong thunderstorms and heavy ice storms in the winter, and trees often damage structures and power lines. As a homeowner, it is important to have your trees surveyed to see if they pose any threat and how to take care of the problem before it comes up. When you call us for a free quote, we will walk your trees, determine if there is disease or any issue present such as growth patterns or weak limb crotches that could end up with part or all of a tree taking out your power lines or hitting a building during a storm. Disease and damage in trees often takes a trained eye to determine what the issues are, and how to deal with them. A diseased tree, perhaps salvageable with correct pruning and treatment such as inoculations, might be saved. Often, though, it will eventually decay enough to fall or collapse, too often damaging buildings or vehicles in its proximity. Our trained specialists can determine what is going on and make recommendations for dealing with or removing the tree.

Overhanging branches need attention as well, since they tend to be the ones that cause damage to roofs and decay roofing materials with leaf drop. Those branches are especially challenging as they nearly always require heavy equipment to safely remove them from over a roof or porch. Only a professional tree service company like Albuquerque Tree Guy should be used to solve this dilemma.

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Paul S
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This is the company to hire, Albuquerque Tree Guy did a great job removing my tree. They were really professional, well equipped, reasonably priced, and fast. Highly recommend this company for tree removal Albuquerque!!! Thank you!
Marcie L
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Great tree service in Albuquerque, was helpful in advising what would be best. Our trees were absolutely dead and could have been harmful to our house. Appreciate the quick response and action!
Joseph Y
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This tree service did a fantastic job. Albuquerque Tree Guy gave us a reasonable quote. Came on time and did great job down to clean up. The guys were very nice and respectful. I would absolutely use Albuquerque Tree Guy again. Very happy! Contact Albuquerque Tree Guy for tree care in Albuquerque
Kevin G
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That's tree service on a job well done. Albuquerque Tree Guy is a very professional expert at what they do. They cut down a 30 ft tree hedge down to about 14 ft. The job went smooth they kept things neat and clean. I have a pool close and was really worried about stuff going in the pool but they made sure not one leaf went in there. Excellent job highly recommend. The best of tree services in Albuquerque nm
Alex C
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Albuquerque Tree Guy did an excellent job trimming our Magnolia Tree that had not been trimmed in about six years. They got back to us with a great price that beat several other quotes and was able to work with our schedule to find a date to trim the tree. Thanks for hooking it up! Call this company for tree removal in Albuquerque
Susan R
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Excellent service and will be recommending to friends and family. Albuquerque Tree Guy conducted themselves with professionalism and efficiency from start to finish. Price was also fair. I will be using them again for any future projects. 5 stars for excellent tree service in Albuquerque!
Karna L
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Great company, great crew, great tree service in Albuquerque. Just an all around great experience. Thank you Albuquerque Tree Guy! If you are looking for a good company definitely give them a call.
Renato I
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Great service and a competitive quote for the job. They came on time and sent pictures of the work. I would definitely recommend their team for tree trimming in Albuquerque!
Chuck R
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Albuquerque Tree Guy provided prompt, fairly priced and professional service. When a planter on the property was broken during tree removal, the workers replaced it. They were responsive to telephone calls and punctual in completing the work. I would definitely hire them again for tree removal in Albuquerque.
Lyman C
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I was very satisfied with the work Albuquerque Tree Guy provided. The estimate was free and the price reasonable. They arrived the day that was promised and hauled away all debris as promised. I would have no reservations about recommending their tree service in Albuquerque to family and friends.

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The Albuquerque Tree Guy knows how to determine what needs done to your trees, how much it will cost to get the work done professionally by a trained crew, and take care of debris removal. If you want main limbs and/or the trunk left to split for firewood, that is also an option, as well as leaving any ground material for mulch. Call us or fill out our contact form for fast, efficient, experienced tree removal Albuquerque NM locals recommend.

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