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It is important when you need any tree or shrub service to call a tree service specialist that has experience, is trained, insured, and recommended. Albuquerque Tree Guy has years of experience, is licensed and insured, and can provide recommendations from happy customers. We understand that tree work can be costly and we work with our customers to keep costs down while giving your trees the care and maintenance they need.  Trees need pruned regularly, every 3-4 years, to both maintain shape and to remove problem branches, dead limbs, and out of bounds growth. We look at the location and condition of each tree or shrub, and will provide a free quote to care for your trees with safe, trained crews who care about how your trees look when they are done and how healthy the trees are when finished.

Tree Care Albuquerque Recommends is More Than Just Trimming

There are many aspects of caring for trees that people do not know or think about, and involve much more than just trimming branches. Tree care involves understanding the environment, needs, location, and biology of the species and what it takes to not only keep the tree healthy, but be a positive part of your landscaping.  Too often trees are just trimmed, topping them out or taking every lower branch off (referred to as lion tailing for the way it looks), both of which are strongly not recommended. The only time topping trees even should be considered is with fruit and nut trees, then the work should be done by a certified arborist. Trees left with open limb stubs need to be treated to avoid disease, boring insects, or other organisms that can enter through the cut and affect the health of the tree.

Our trained tree specialists can walk your trees and shrubs and let you know what needs done, whether it is trimming and pruning, treatment for insects, or other services. Check with us for your tree fertilization, tree wrap, defensive barrier and planting needs. We will give you an estimate for what needs done, as well as recommendations and options for handling any issues we identify.

When our trained tree specialists come to provide a free quote, they will look at the entire picture of your trees and shrubs to see what dynamics are affecting their health, such as water and fertilizer needs, or pruning to allow light filtration or to remove problem growth. They will assess if the trees pose any hazard to your structures, whether it be aerial with overhanging branches over your roof, or subterranean from roots entangling drain fields, cable runs, or plumbing lines. If your lawn is being shaded, sometimes corrective pruning can keep a tree healthy while still allowing light to filter and penetrate to provide a yard what it needs as well.  We clean up our mess and haul, or can grind woody material and leave as mulch. Ask during your free estimate for tree care and our tree specialist will be happy to let you know what your options are.

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What They Say About Us...
Paul S
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This is the company to hire, Albuquerque Tree Guy did a great job removing my tree. They were really professional, well equipped, reasonably priced, and fast. Highly recommend this company for tree removal Albuquerque!!! Thank you!
Marcie L
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Great tree service in Albuquerque, was helpful in advising what would be best. Our trees were absolutely dead and could have been harmful to our house. Appreciate the quick response and action!
Joseph Y
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This tree service did a fantastic job. Albuquerque Tree Guy gave us a reasonable quote. Came on time and did great job down to clean up. The guys were very nice and respectful. I would absolutely use Albuquerque Tree Guy again. Very happy! Contact Albuquerque Tree Guy for tree care in Albuquerque
Kevin G
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That's tree service on a job well done. Albuquerque Tree Guy is a very professional expert at what they do. They cut down a 30 ft tree hedge down to about 14 ft. The job went smooth they kept things neat and clean. I have a pool close and was really worried about stuff going in the pool but they made sure not one leaf went in there. Excellent job highly recommend. The best of tree services in Albuquerque nm
Alex C
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Albuquerque Tree Guy did an excellent job trimming our Magnolia Tree that had not been trimmed in about six years. They got back to us with a great price that beat several other quotes and was able to work with our schedule to find a date to trim the tree. Thanks for hooking it up! Call this company for tree removal in Albuquerque
Susan R
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Excellent service and will be recommending to friends and family. Albuquerque Tree Guy conducted themselves with professionalism and efficiency from start to finish. Price was also fair. I will be using them again for any future projects. 5 stars for excellent tree service in Albuquerque!
Karna L
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Great company, great crew, great tree service in Albuquerque. Just an all around great experience. Thank you Albuquerque Tree Guy! If you are looking for a good company definitely give them a call.
Renato I
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Great service and a competitive quote for the job. They came on time and sent pictures of the work. I would definitely recommend their team for tree trimming in Albuquerque!
Chuck R
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Albuquerque Tree Guy provided prompt, fairly priced and professional service. When a planter on the property was broken during tree removal, the workers replaced it. They were responsive to telephone calls and punctual in completing the work. I would definitely hire them again for tree removal in Albuquerque.
Lyman C
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I was very satisfied with the work Albuquerque Tree Guy provided. The estimate was free and the price reasonable. They arrived the day that was promised and hauled away all debris as promised. I would have no reservations about recommending their tree service in Albuquerque to family and friends.

Full service Albuquerque Tree Care – One Call Does It All

Trees are an investment in your property, providing beauty, shade, and health. Let us help keep them healthy and beautiful with our trained experts in tree care. The quote is free and you will learn why Albuquerque recommends our services.

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